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Poor periods with endometrial hyperplasia and other diseases are treated in accordance with the underlying disease, so therapy can be not only conservative, but also surgical. The operation is prescribed according to individual indications and the results of an instrumental examination. Scanty periods after childbirth, diagnostic procedures, during breastfeeding or in the premenopausal period do not need any specific therapy, but this does not mean that you should not consult a doctor. If a problem arises, the use of aralen remedies is not advisable, since various herbs and medicinal plants can aggravate the situation.

Hypomenorrhea with ignoring the symptoms and the complete absence of therapy often leads to the following complications. To order chloroquine pills the occurrence of menstrual irregularities, general preventive recommendations should be followed. Hypomenorrhea often has a favorable prognosis. Long-term and complete treatment allows you to completely get rid of the disorder. What causes hypomenorrhea and how is this condition cured. Today, many women of different ages complain about disruptions in the timing of menstruation. Hypomenorrhea is a violation of the menstrual cycle, in which the discharge is present only for 1-2 days.Almost always, this condition is the forerunner of amenorrhea.

Hypomenorrhea is not a disease. This is an anomaly of the female reproductive system. The physiological norm of bloody discharge varies from 50 to 150 milliliters. With hypomenorrhea, these indicators are significantly reduced. Often, against the background of such a condition, oligomenorrhea develops. It is characterized by a reduction not only in the volume of bleeding, but also in the menstrual cycle. With an untimely visit to the doctor, a woman develops amenorrhea, characterized by the complete absence of menstruation. Hypomenorrhea can be primary or secondary. In the first case, symptoms are observed in very young girls. In the second, specific signs appear in women aged 45-50 years. It is not necessary to treat hypomenorrhea in adolescents and adult women, since in such cases it does not pose a health hazard.

In addition to natural, there are also pathological causes of the appearance of meager periods. Physicians distinguish the following factors. In addition, the causes may be associated with anemia or beriberi. Often, symptoms of hypomenorrhea appear in girls and women involved in the modeling business. This is due to the fact that they lead a rather specific lifestyle, refusing healthy food and using various medicines. At risk are women suffering from anorexia, bulimia, following different diets. The reasons for the development of the anomaly can also be associated with primary endocrine disorders.

Almost always, hypomenorrhea discharges are specific traces or droplets on underwear. Their color ranges from brown to buy aralen online. In addition to changing the nature of menstruation, such symptoms appear. Additionally, a woman may complain of a feeling of tightness in her chest. Menstruation is usually accompanied by severe pain. There are also spastic uterine contractions. Some young ladies may suffer from nosebleeds that occur during each menstruation. The most serious consequence of this condition is a rapid decrease in estrogen secretion. This contributes to a decrease in the function of reproduction.

Psychological signs are also possible. The woman becomes more emotional, unrestrained, irritable. Some young ladies notice tearfulness, apathy behind them. Sexual desire first decreases, and then stops altogether. This sign is explained by changes that have occurred in the female hormonal background. Timely diagnosis and treatment of pathology is of great importance. If a woman, having discovered at least one of the listed symptoms, hurries to see a doctor, serious consequences can be avoided.

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First of all, the gynecologist completely examines his patient. The initial stage of diagnosis is a conversation and listening to her complaints. Having established a preliminary diagnosis, the attending physician begins the examination. To buy chloroquine online the conclusion made, an ultrasound examination is prescribed, as well as a smear. Later, the doctor proceeds to study the hormonal level of the patient during menstruation. In some cases, an endometrial biopsy is required. Having received all the necessary data, the gynecologist establishes the causes of hypomenorrhea, and then prescribes the appropriate therapy to the patient. No specific treatment is required, only when scanty menstruation appears in a woman who is breastfeeding a baby.

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If the main provocateur of hypomenorrhea is obesity or malnutrition, then a nutritionist can answer the question of how to help a woman. The main goal of aralen therapy in this case is the normalization of the patient's nutrition. When hypomenorrhea develops against the background of a violation of the emotional state, the doctor directs the woman to see a psychotherapist. It will help improve the quality of life and reduce stress levels. Seeing the world in other colors, the patient will calm down, and her menstruation will gradually return to normal. In more complex cases, a woman is referred to a group psychotherapy or art therapy session, and in addition, the doctor may prescribe sedatives.

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If the provoking factor was a violation of the functioning of aralen pills and pituitary gland, then the patient will need a course of physiotherapy. Often it is combined with the use of hormonal drugs. In addition, a woman can be prescribed homeopathic medicines. Massage manipulations in the lower abdomen help very well to get rid of the symptoms. To do this, you must use natural wool. Movements are made in a clockwise direction. If the patient is diagnosed with hypomenorrhea, treatment can be supplemented with traditional medicine. To maintain the regularity of the menstrual cycle, women who have crossed the forty-year threshold are recommended to take 30-40 drops of an infusion of the herb of an ordinary cross daily.

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To enhance menstruation, it is useful to regularly drink a decoction of crushed hoof grass. A healing agent prepared according to an old recipe has a remarkable effect. Mix rosemary leaves with buckthorn bark. Add rue grass to this mixture. Pour 2 teaspoonsburn the mixture with 0.3 liters of water and boil for seven to ten minutes. It is necessary to drink the medicine approximately 7 days before the onset of menstruation twice a day for 150 milliliters. The menu of young ladies who have been diagnosed with hypomenorrhea should mainly consist of low-fat dairy products and rice. It is recommended to give preference to hard cheese and 2.5% milk. In addition, you need to regularly eat beef and walnuts. From fruits, attention should be paid to persimmons and red apples. It is recommended to refrain from alcohol.